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Approved Snacks

Please remember we are a peanut free facility.  That means that snacks cannot contain peanuts or be exposed to peanuts during processing.  Please check labels for "Made on equipment that also processes peanuts" or "Processed in a facility where peanuts are present" before purchasing. Click HERE for a detailed list of preapproved peanut free snack options.

A Note about Peanut Free:
The rationale for peanut-free classrooms and schools has to do with the somewhat unique nature of these allergies. Most people with food allergies--even severe allergies--can manage their allergies by simply not eating foods that have their allergens in them.

People with peanut allergies also avoid eating items containing their allergens, however there are two limits to this approach. First, it's possible for people with these two allergies to react to traces of nut dust in the air (from peanut shells, for example). Second, nuts are full of natural oils that leave residues. While these residues can be removed with common household cleaners, it can be difficult or impossible to thoroughly clean tainted tables, door knobs or walls during lunch or in the middle of the school day.

Because of these issues, and because peanutallergies can be life-threatening, we have responded by making our entire school peanut-free.