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Lunch Bunch Information

Lunch Bunch is an extended day program for the children attending Sunrise. It is three and a half hours either before or after your child’s regular preschool class. Each day we have the opportunity to play with other children, do an art project, play outside, eat both a snack and lunch, and also have a required rest period where the children lay quietly watching a movie.
We provide the snacks for Lunch Bunch. The children each bring their own lunches which must be peanut- free. We are there to help them with any packaging, but our goal is to help them gain independence with the lunch process. We are hoping that by doing this, they will be better prepared when they enter kindergarten. They are required to eat some of their healthy food before they can eat their dessert, and they also clean up after themselves. They are really quite good at this. We talk to them about “eating like kindergarteners”. This means that they keep their mess to a minimum, put all of their food away, and also eat in a timely manner. They are given a half hour, and while some struggle with this at first, when they do get into elementary school, they will be given twenty minutes to eat, so this will help to alleviate the stress that always comes with the cafeteria those first weeks of school.
Below is a general description of our Lunch Bunch routine. We do go outside most days even if it is chilly, so we encourage everyone to send a jacket each day. The first half is for the morning Lunch Bunch crew, and the second half is for the afternoon kiddos.

Morning Lunch Bunch

9:00—Circle Time:  We work on learning parents’ names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
9:15—Art project and Centers: While we work with a few kids at a time on the art project for the day, the other kids play with any of the toys and games with the other children in the room. We have a wide variety of toys for them to play with and also a sensory table with sand/water/play-doh and some coloring activity available each day.
10:00—Snack time
10:15—Outside play
12:20—Pack up to go to afternoon class


Afternoon Lunch Bunch

12:30—Circle Time
12:45—Art project and centers
1:00—Outside play
2:50—Pack up to go “see Mommy”